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12-2020 › Congrats! Alex, Xiaotun, Duhan, Kent defended their PhD in 2020!
This year four Archer group members earned their PhD!!

12-2020 › Archer group published their works in leading journals in 2020!
Nature Reviews Materials, PNAS, Science Advances, Chemical Society Reviews, etc...

08-2020 › Prof. Archer named dean of College of Engineering!
Congrats to Prof. Archer!!

11-2019 › Congrats! Sanjuna Stalin received the Best Poster Award!
Sanjuna Stalin received the Best Poster Award from the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology (NYBEST) Consortium Annual Fall Energy Storage and Technology Innovation Conference !

11-2019 › Congrats! Kent & Qing published in Science!
Kent and Qing reported on epitaxial regulation of Zn metal electrodeposition in battery anodes!

03-2019 › Alex Warren gave a talk at ACS!
Alex Warren gave a talk titled "Interfacial viscoelasticity and electroconvective flow in liquid electrolytes above the diffusion limit" !

12-2018 › Congrats! Qing published in Nature Energy!
Qing reported on Solid-state polymer electrolytes with in-built fast interfacial transport for secondary lithium batteries!

12-2018 › Snehashis Choudhury received the Silver medal award!
Snehashis Choudhury received the Silver medal award at the MRS meeting for his work on polymer electrolytes!

12-2018 › Congrats! Kent published in ACS Energy Letters!
Kent reported on Nonplanar Electrode Architectures for Ultrahigh Areal Capacity Batteries!

11-2018 › Congrats! Qing published in Science Advances!
Qing reported on SEI for aqueous Al metal batteries!

08-2018 › Congrats! Mun Sek published in Nature Energy!
Mun Sek reported on Artificial SEI for Li metal batteries!

08-2018 › Cryo-STEM reveals solid-liquid interface in lithium metal batteries.
Congrats, Michael, Zhengyuan & Sneh published their work in Nature!

08-2018 › Congrats! Qing published in ACS Energy Letters!
Qing reviewed Lithium-sulfur batteries in an ACS Energy Letters publication!

06-2018 › Congrats! Snehashis and Dylan published in PNAS!
Snehashis and Dylan published their paper entitled "Confining electrodeposition of metals in structured electrolytes" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences!

04-2018 › Congrats! Snehashis wins 2018 Hooey Award
Snehashis won 2018 Hooey Award due to his substantial impact in his field, contributing seminal breakthroughs and achievements that we anticipate will garner them fame for years to come.

03-2018 › Zhengyuan et al. published in Nature Energy
Zhengyuan et al. published their article entitled "Fast ion transport at solid–solid interfaces in hybrid battery anodes" in Nature Energy. Congrats!

03-2018 › Congrats! Shuya published in Science Advances!
Shuya published her paper entitled "Stabilizing electrochemical interfaces in viscoelastic liquid electrolytes" in Science Advances!

02-2018 › Prof. Lynden Archer elected to the National Academy of Engineering
Professor Lynden Archer was selected, "for advances in nanoparticle-polymer hybrid materials and in electrochemical energy storage technologies."

11-2017 › Kent wins grand prize in the 15th Challenge Cup Contest!
Based on research performed during his undergraduate studies, Kent was recognized with the grand prize (top 3%) in the 15th Challenge Cup Contest.

10-2017 › Snehashis published in Nature Communications!
Snehashis published 'Designing solid-liquid interphases for sodium batteries' in Nature Communications! Congrats!

09-2017 › Zhengyuan published in Joule!
Zhengyuan published 'Designing Artificial Solid-Electrolyte Interphases for Single-Ion and High-Efficiency Transport in Batteries' in Joule! Congrats!

05-2017 › Snehashis and Zhengyuan publish in Angew Cheme Int. Ed.
Snehashis and Zhengyuan co-first authored and published 'Electroless Formation of Hybrid Lithium Anodes for Fast Interfacial Ion Transport' in Angew Cheme Int. Ed! Congrats!

05-2017 › Congratulation, Zhengyuan for winning both MSE PhD research award and MSE PhD paper award!
Zhengyuan wins the MSE PhD research award and MSE PhD paper award in the MSE annual award dinner. He presented the work on nanoporous electrolyte for efficient ion transport and stable lithium electrodeposition.

02-2017 › Shuya et al. published paper in Advanced Materials and selected as the cover story!
Zhengyuan et al. published paper in Advanced Materials and selected as the cover story! The paper is about using ionic liquid to stablize sodium metal deposition.

02-2017 › Zhengyuan et al. published paper in Advanced Energy Materials and selected as the cover story!
Zhengyuan et al. published paper in Advanced Energy Materials and selected as the cover story! The paper is a collaborative work with Prof. Yuan Yang, Michael Zachman, and Prof Koukoutis, systematically investigating the effect of nanoporous structure on lithium deposition and ion transport behavior.

12-2016 › Archer group annual Christmas party!
A great union of Archer group family! You guys are the best!

10-27-2016 › Rahul published papers in Langmuir and Macromolecules, congrat Dr. Mangal!
Rahul and co-authors have recently published two papers about nanoparticle/polymer composites, in Langmuir and Macromolecules, respectively. Details can be found on the following links. Congratulations, Rahul!

09-08-2016 › Mukul, Snehashis, and Zhengyuan published review article in Nature Energy!
Mukul Tikekar, Snehashis Choudhury, Zhengyuan Tu, and Lynden Archer's paper entitled 'Design principles for electrolytes and interfaces for stable lithium-metal batteries' has been published in Nature Energy and highlighted by CBE news!

06-09-2016 › Shuya published Na - S paper in nature communication!
Shuya Wei, Shaomao Xu, Akanksha Agrawral, Snehashis Choudhury, Yingying Lu, Zhengyuan Tu, Lin Ma & Lynden A. Archer's paper entitled 'A stable room-temperature sodium–sulfur battery' is published in Nature communication!

06-09-2016 › Mun Sek passed his Master's defense!
Congratulations to Mun Sek passing his Master's B exam!

03-2016 › NSF interviewed Professor Lynden A. Archer
NSF staff interviewed Professor Lynden A. Archer after his recent talk on "Nanoscale organic hybrid materials and their application in next-generation energy-storage technologies" as part of the NSF Distinguished Lectures in Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

02-28-2016 › Yingying has been selected to the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list!
After sifting through thousands of nominations, Yingying (Ph.D.'14) has been selected to the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Congratulations Yingying!

01-06-2016 › Shaomao and Sampson passed their B exams. Congrats Dr.Xu and Dr.Lau!

01-06-2016 › Rahul publishes on unusual nanoparticle dynamics in entangled polymer melts.
Rahul Mangal, Samanvaya Srivastava, Suresh Narayanan, and Lynden A. Archer's paper about size-dependent particle dynamics in entangled polymer nanocomposites is publised in Langmuir.

12-04-2015 › Snehashis publishes in Nature Communications and is featured in Cornell CBE news
Snehashis Choudhury, Rahul Mangal, Akanksha Agrawal and Lynden Archer publish work on a highly reversible room-temperature lithium metal battery based on crosslinked hairy nanoparticles. The paper is published in Nature Communications and featured in Cornell CBE news.

12-04-2015 › Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano.
Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano, titled as 'Enhanced Li-S Batteries Using Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in the Cathode'.

11-2015 › Lin wins the Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award at AIChE 2015 conference in Salt Lake City.
The Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award honors graduate students whose research achievements, in the broad area of carbon nanomaterials, demonstrate a high level of excellence. Lin wins the 3rd prize of the award at AIChE 2015.

10-23-2015 › Zhengyuan and Pooja publish review about nanostructured electrolytes for stable lithium electrodeposition in Accounts of Chemical Research.
Zhengyuan Tu, Pooja Nath, Yingying Lu, Mukul Tikekar and Lynden Archer's paper 'Nanostructured Electrolytes for Stable Lithium Electrodeposition in Secondary Batteries' is publised in Accounts of Chemical Research.

10-2015 › Pooja wins the CBE Symposium picture competition
The main bottleneck in the commercialization of lithium and sodium metal rechargeable batteries is the formation of metallic dendrites. Dendrites are ramified structures formed as a result of uneven plating of metal. Dendrites formed during batteries recharge can electrically bridge the anode and cathode within a battery, resulting in a short-circuit. This poses a risk of explosion as these batteries employ flammable, organic solvent-based electrolytes. The image shows dendritic short-circuit during the electrodeposition of copper using 0.12M CuCl2 in DMSO as electrolyte.

10-2015 › Akanksha won the Best Talk award at the CBE graduate research symposium
Akanksha won the Best Talk award at the CBE graduate research symposium. Congratulations! Her talk was titiled as "Structure, rheology, transport properties of self-suspended binary nanoparticle fluids".

10-01-2015 › Shaomao and Sampson review metal-oxygen batteries and the steps towards reality in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers.
Shaomao Xu, Sampson Lau and Lynden Archer publish a review paper in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, titled as 'CO2 and ambient air in metal-oxygen batteries-steps towards reality'.

09-28-2015 › Lynden Archer named Editorial Board member and Associate Editor of AAAS journal Science Advances.

09-25-2015 › Samanvaya publishes in Macro Letters on 'Hyperdiffusive Dynamics in Newtonian nanoparticle fluids'
Samanvaya Srivastava, Praveen Agarwal, Rahul Mangal, Donald L. Koch, Suresh Narayanan, and Lynden A. Archer publish in ACS Macro letters titled "Hyperdiffusive Dynamics in Newtonian nanoparticle fluids".

09-20-2015 › Akanksha invited to give a talk at the summer success symposium!
The workshop was titled as- Leadership development:ensuring your success in your graduate studies and beyond, and the symposium was named as the Summer Success Symposium.

09-17-2015 › Archer selected to present National Science Foundation 2016 distinguished lecture.
Archer is selected to present National Science Foundation 2016 distinguished lecture in Mathematical and Physical Science on Nanoscale Organic Hybrid Materials and their Applications in Energy Storage.

09-2015 › David Lou promoted to Full Professor in Nanyang Technological University
Archer group alumnus David Lou (Ph.D. '08) got promoted to Full Professor in Sept. 2015 and became the youngest Full Professor in Singapore. Congratulations!

09-01-2015 › Research about SPAN published in JACS
Shuya Wei, Lin Ma, Kenville Hendrickson, Zhengyuan Tu and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Metal-sulfur battery cathodes based on PAN-Sulfur composites' in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

08-26-2015 › Lin publishes work about hybrid cathode of TiS2 and sulfur.
Lin Ma, Shuya Wei, Houlong Zhuang, Kenville Hendrickson, Richard G. Hennig and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Hybrid cathode architectures for lithium batteries based on TiS2 and sulfur' in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

08-17-2015 › Paper accepted in Macromolecules
Sung A. Kim and Rahul Mangal publish in Macromolecules titled "Relaxation Dynamics of Nanoparticle-Tethered Polymer Chains"

08-03-2015 › Sampson publishes on Li/O2 batteries in Nano Letters
Sampson's paper, "Nucleation and Growth of Lithium Peroxide in the Li-O2 Battery", was recently published in Nano Letters.

07-2015 › Jennifer Schaefer joins University of Notre Dame faculty
Archer group alumnus Jennifer Schaefer (Ph.D. '13) became Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in University of Notre Dame.

06-2015 › Congratulations to Akanksha, Lin and Rahul on passing their A exams!
3rd year PhD students Akanksha, Lin and Rahul passed their A exams in June and became PhD candidates.

06-05-2015 › Rahul reports on PNCs in Nature Communications
Rahul Mangal publishes in Nature Communications titled "Phase stability and dynamics of entangled polymer–nanoparticle composites".

06-01-2015 › Zhengyuan Published work on Small!
Zhengyuan and Yingying published paper on safe battery with nanoporous solid hybrid electrolyte on Small! Congrat!

05-25-2015 › Akanksha argues that bidispersity leads to two-step yielding in Soft Matter
Agrawal A, Yu H.-Y., Srivastava S., Choudhury S., Narayanan S., Archer L.A., Dynamics and Yielding of Binary Self-Suspended Nanoparticle Fluids, Soft Matter, 2015, 11, 5224-5234.

05-19-2015 › Lin received Best Poster Award at the 2015 CCMR Symposium.
Lin won the Best Poster Award in 2015 CCMR Symposium (Cornell Center for Materials Research). Congratulations!

05-2015 › Akanksha won TA of the Year Award in Chemical Engineering
Akanksha won Graduate TA of the Year Award for CHEME 3240- Heat and Mass Transfer. Congratulations!

04-28-2015 › Lin reviews lithium/sulfur battery science in Nano Today
Lin Ma, Kenville E. Hendrickson, Shuya Wei, Lynden A. Archer's paper 'Nanomaterials Science and applications in the lithium-sulfur battery' is published in Nano Today

04-2015 › Dr. Chongli Yuan Promoted to Associate Professor at Purdue
Archer group alumnus Chongli Yuan (Ph.D. '07) got promoted to Associate Professor in April 2015. Congratulations!

03-04-2015 › Snehashis and Akanksha report on synthesis and structure of covalently tethered NOHMs in Langmuir
Choudhury S*, Agrawal A*, Kim S A, Archer L.A., Self-Suspended Suspension of Covalently Grafted Nanoparticles, Langmuir, 2015, 31(10), 3222-3231.

02-26-2015 › Lin won Best Poster Award in CFES conference
Lin won the Best Poster Award in CFES Annual Conference (Center for Future Energy Systems). Congratulations!

02-24-2015 › Kenville publishes on membraneless lithium/sulfur batteries in Advanced Science
Kenville E Hendrickson, Lin Ma, Gil Cohn, Yingying Lu and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Model Membrane-Free Li-S Batteries for Enhanced Performance and cycle Life' in Advanced Science

02-22-2015 › Gil’s work on mechanically rechargeable Aluminum/sulfur batteries published in Journal of Power Sources
Gil Cohn, Lin Ma, Lynden A. Archer's paper 'A novel non-aqueous aluminum sulfur battery' is published in Journal of Power Sourves

02-14-2015 › Yingying shows that single-ion conducting electrolyte gels arrest lithium dendrites in Advanced Energy Materials
Yingying Lu, Mulkul Tikekar, Ritesh Mohanty, Kenville E Hendrickson, Lin Ma, and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Stable Cycling of Lithium Metal Baterries Using High Transference Number Electrolytes' in Advanced Energy Materials.

02-2015 › Yingying appointed as faculty member in Zhejiang University
Yingying Lu (Ph.D. 14') became a faculty in the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineeing in Zhejiang University in China. Congratulations!

02-11-2015 › Akanksha and Snehashis show that biomodal NOHMs are better electrolytes than single-component analogs in RSC Advances
Agrawal A*, Choudhury S*, Archer L.A., A highly conductive, non-flammable polymer-nanoparticle hybrid electrolyte, RSC Advances, 2015,5, 20800-20809

12-2014 › Yingying wins Austin Hooey Graduate Award for outstanding achievements in research
Yingying won Austin Hooey Graduate Award, which is the highest honor given by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular for the graduate students.

11-13-2015 › Lin wins Best Poster Award at the 2014 NY-BEST conference
Lin is the 1st place winner of the Best Poster Award in NY-BEST (New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium). Congratulations!

10-01-2014 › Yingying and Zhengyuan published work on Nature Materials and highlighted by Cornell Daily Sun!
Yingying and Zhengyuan co-authored paper, titled as 'Stable lithium electrodeposition in liquid and nanoporous solid electrolytes', about lithium halide salt additives to prevent dendrite growth on Nature Materials, and was highlighted by Cornell Daily Sun!

07-30-2015 › Lin’s work on tethered molecular sorbents for lithium-sulfur battery cathodes featured on front cover of Advanced Energy Materials
Lin Ma, Houlong Zhuang, Yingying Lu, Surya S. Moganty, Richard G. Hennig and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Tethered Molecular Sorbents Enabling Metal-Sulfur Battery Cathodes' in Advanced Energy Materials. This paper is featured as the front cover of the journal.

01-01-2014 › Zhengyuan Published work on Advanced Energy Materials
Zhengyuan, Yu, and Yingying published paper about nanoporous laminated ceramic/polymer composite on Advanced Energy Materials! Title 'Nanoporous Polymer‐Ceramic Composite Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries'.