12-04-2015 – publications

Snehashis publishes in Nature Communications and is featured in Cornell CBE news

Snehashis Choudhury, Rahul Mangal, Akanksha Agrawal and Lynden Archer publish work on a highly reversible room-temperature lithium metal battery based on crosslinked hairy nanoparticles. The paper is published in Nature Communications and featured in Cornell CBE news. Read More ›

12-04-2015 – publications

Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano.

Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano, titled as 'Enhanced Li-S Batteries Using Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in the Cathode'. Read More ›

11-2015 – award

Lin wins the Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award at AIChE 2015 conference in Salt Lake City.

The Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award honors graduate students whose research achievements, in the broad area of carbon nanomaterials, demonstrate a high level of excellence. Lin wins the 3rd prize of the award at AIChE 2015. Read More ›

10-23-2015 – publications

Zhengyuan and Pooja publish review about nanostructured electrolytes for stable lithium electrodeposition in Accounts of Chemical Research.

Zhengyuan Tu, Pooja Nath, Yingying Lu, Mukul Tikekar and Lynden Archer's paper 'Nanostructured Electrolytes for Stable Lithium Electrodeposition in Secondary Batteries' is publised in Accounts of Chemical Research. Read More ›

10-2015 – award

Pooja wins the CBE Symposium picture competition

Blog The main bottleneck in the commercialization of lithium and sodium metal rechargeable batteries is the formation of metallic dendrites. Dendrites are ramified structures formed as a result of uneven plating of metal. Dendrites formed during batteries recharge can electrically bridge the anode and cathode within a battery, resulting in a short-circuit. This poses a risk of explosion as these batteries employ flammable, organic solvent-based electrolytes. The image shows dendritic short-circuit during the electrodeposition of copper using 0.12M CuCl2 in DMSO as electrolyte. Read More ›

10-2015 – award

Akanksha won the Best Talk award at the CBE graduate research symposium

Akanksha won the Best Talk award at the CBE graduate research symposium. Congratulations! Her talk was titiled as "Structure, rheology, transport properties of self-suspended binary nanoparticle fluids". Read More ›

10-01-2015 – publications

Shaomao and Sampson review metal-oxygen batteries and the steps towards reality in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers.

Shaomao Xu, Sampson Lau and Lynden Archer publish a review paper in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, titled as 'CO2 and ambient air in metal-oxygen batteries-steps towards reality'. Read More ›

09-25-2015 – publications

Samanvaya publishes in Macro Letters on 'Hyperdiffusive Dynamics in Newtonian nanoparticle fluids'

Samanvaya Srivastava, Praveen Agarwal, Rahul Mangal, Donald L. Koch, Suresh Narayanan, and Lynden A. Archer publish in ACS Macro letters titled "Hyperdiffusive Dynamics in Newtonian nanoparticle fluids". Read More ›

09-20-2015 – milestones

Akanksha invited to give a talk at the summer success symposium!

Blog The workshop was titled as- Leadership development:ensuring your success in your graduate studies and beyond, and the symposium was named as the Summer Success Symposium. Read More ›