09-17-2015 – milestones

Archer selected to present National Science Foundation 2016 distinguished lecture.

Archer is selected to present National Science Foundation 2016 distinguished lecture in Mathematical and Physical Science on Nanoscale Organic Hybrid Materials and their Applications in Energy Storage. Read More ›

09-2015 – milestones

David Lou promoted to Full Professor in Nanyang Technological University

Archer group alumnus David Lou (Ph.D. '08) got promoted to Full Professor in Sept. 2015 and became the youngest Full Professor in Singapore. Congratulations! Read More ›

09-01-2015 – publications

Research about SPAN published in JACS

Shuya Wei, Lin Ma, Kenville Hendrickson, Zhengyuan Tu and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Metal-sulfur battery cathodes based on PAN-Sulfur composites' in Journal of the American Chemical Society. Read More ›

08-26-2015 – publications

Lin publishes work about hybrid cathode of TiS2 and sulfur.

Lin Ma, Shuya Wei, Houlong Zhuang, Kenville Hendrickson, Richard G. Hennig and Lynden A. Archer publish paper 'Hybrid cathode architectures for lithium batteries based on TiS2 and sulfur' in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Read More ›

08-17-2015 – publications

Paper accepted in Macromolecules

Sung A. Kim and Rahul Mangal publish in Macromolecules titled "Relaxation Dynamics of Nanoparticle-Tethered Polymer Chains" Read More ›

08-03-2015 – publications · lithium-air

Sampson publishes on Li/O2 batteries in Nano Letters

Blog Sampson's paper, "Nucleation and Growth of Lithium Peroxide in the Li-O2 Battery", was recently published in Nano Letters. Read More ›

07-2015 – milestones

Jennifer Schaefer joins University of Notre Dame faculty

Archer group alumnus Jennifer Schaefer (Ph.D. '13) became Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in University of Notre Dame. Read More ›

06-2015 – milestones

Congratulations to Akanksha, Lin and Rahul on passing their A exams!

3rd year PhD students Akanksha, Lin and Rahul passed their A exams in June and became PhD candidates. Read More ›

06-05-2015 – publications

Rahul reports on PNCs in Nature Communications

Rahul Mangal publishes in Nature Communications titled "Phase stability and dynamics of entangled polymer–nanoparticle composites". Read More ›

06-01-2015 – milestones

Zhengyuan Published work on Small!

Zhengyuan and Yingying published paper on safe battery with nanoporous solid hybrid electrolyte on Small! Congrat! Read More ›