12-2016 – news

Archer group annual Christmas party!

Blog A great union of Archer group family! You guys are the best! Read More ›

10-27-2016 – publications

Rahul published papers in Langmuir and Macromolecules, congrat Dr. Mangal!

Rahul and co-authors have recently published two papers about nanoparticle/polymer composites, in Langmuir and Macromolecules, respectively. Details can be found on the following links. Congratulations, Rahul! Read More ›

09-08-2016 – publications

Mukul, Snehashis, and Zhengyuan published review article in Nature Energy!

Mukul Tikekar, Snehashis Choudhury, Zhengyuan Tu, and Lynden Archer's paper entitled 'Design principles for electrolytes and interfaces for stable lithium-metal batteries' has been published in Nature Energy and highlighted by CBE news! Read More ›

06-09-2016 – publications

Shuya published Na - S paper in nature communication!

Shuya Wei, Shaomao Xu, Akanksha Agrawral, Snehashis Choudhury, Yingying Lu, Zhengyuan Tu, Lin Ma & Lynden A. Archer's paper entitled 'A stable room-temperature sodium–sulfur battery' is published in Nature communication! Read More ›

06-09-2016 – milestones

Mun Sek passed his Master's defense!

Congratulations to Mun Sek passing his Master's B exam! Read More ›

02-28-2016 – milestones

Yingying has been selected to the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list!

After sifting through thousands of nominations, Yingying (Ph.D.'14) has been selected to the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Congratulations Yingying! Read More ›

01-06-2016 – publications

Rahul publishes on unusual nanoparticle dynamics in entangled polymer melts.

Rahul Mangal, Samanvaya Srivastava, Suresh Narayanan, and Lynden A. Archer's paper about size-dependent particle dynamics in entangled polymer nanocomposites is publised in Langmuir. Read More ›

12-04-2015 – publications

Snehashis publishes in Nature Communications and is featured in Cornell CBE news

Snehashis Choudhury, Rahul Mangal, Akanksha Agrawal and Lynden Archer publish work on a highly reversible room-temperature lithium metal battery based on crosslinked hairy nanoparticles. The paper is published in Nature Communications and featured in Cornell CBE news. Read More ›

12-04-2015 – publications

Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano.

Lin's work on Li-S battery is publised in ACS Nano, titled as 'Enhanced Li-S Batteries Using Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in the Cathode'. Read More ›